Tania Guarino

Author of Meet The Quackers

Tania Guarino lives with her family in New York’s Hudson Valley, where an abundance of farms and barnyard life are her constant source of inspiration. She is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and the Children’s Writers of the Hudson Valley. She has worked in an independent bookstore, and volunteered years of her time in the library of an elementary school and her local public library. Tania is a writer of children’s picture books and has also contributed her work to Highlight’s High Five Magazine. Her work has been recognized by the Institute of Children’s Literature for her award winning story “Garden Party” A Counting Adventure Book. When not writing fun stories for kids, she can be found riding her bike, gardening, or on the family boat soaking up the sun and catching fish! She enjoys a good cup-of-joe to get the wheels turnin’ and is always on the lookout for that next inspiration! A nature loving summer girl at heart, she loves to be outdoors, but doesn’t like the bugs, at all! MEET the QUACKERS is her first picture book.

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Random Facts About Me

  • I am the proud mother of three children. I love being a MOM!
  • A good cup of coffee makes me happy!
  • I love picture books! Reading them, studying them, and writing them!
  • I’m a summer girl! I love the smell of fresh cut green grass, and the warmth of the sun!
  • I love riding my bike
  • Strawberries are my favorite food
  • I love kale! My recipe for ‘WhatchamaKALEit Salad’ is in the National Kale Day Cookbook! You can find it online on the National Kale Day Facebook page, I’m on page 25!
  • I love the beach and looking for sea glass
  • I designed a bookmark for the very first Millbrook Book Festival in 2008. They were sent out as advertisements in 5,000 bank statements!
  • I think chickens are funny
  • I’m a gardener
  • I’m a blue jean queen!
  • I have a cat and a dog! And sometimes, two more dogs, two rabbits, and a baby pig named Binky!
  • I won an essay contest in a NY Teen Pageant when I was 13 years old
  • I eat cereal, right out of the box
  • I DON’T like winter, it gives me alligator skin! But I do like hot chocolate…
  • The only thing I like about snow is that it’s sparkly!
  • I love ALL things sparkly!
  • When I was 10, my family and I actually had 16 cats living in our home!
  • I love birthday parties
  • I have over 800 picture books in my collection
  • I wrote one of my children’s stories based on the name of a delicious dessert. The main character’s name is Blueberry Buckle
  • I am a library volunteer
  • Flowers are awesome! I love flowers!
  • I once led a ‘Parade of Characters’ dressed as Max, King of all Wild Things!
  • I got married in a hot air balloon
  • I love to fish on our family boat
  • Strawberries are my favorite food! LOL! Did I mention that already?!
  • I rode a zipline over 250 feet above the rain forest floor in Costa Rica
  • The first book I was ever able to read, front cover to back was, Put Me in the Zoo by Robert Lopshire
  • I love Winnie the Pooh and all of his friends, and the Hundred Acre Wood! I WANT to go there!
  • Farms and farm animals make me happy
  • I’m a dreamer
  • I love the moon
  • My favorite movie is, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM by William Shakespeare. I watch it traditionally every August! Specifically, the one with Michelle Pfeiffer and Kevin Kline.
  • I love trees
  • Magical is my favorite word